Did you know?

Eating wholesome foods and getting enough physical activity are two of the best ways to ensure lifelong health for yourself and for your children.  

The foods we choose as fuel for our bodies (energy in) have a big impact on how energetic we feel and how active we are, (energy out).

Eating foods high in sugar such as desserts, pastries and candy can make us feel drained, while eating a wholesome, balanced diet will help us feel energized.

Follow these tips for balanced eating and getting more activity:


  • Drink water instead of sodas or sweetened drinks
  • Choose whole grains like whole wheat or oatmeal instead of white bread or sugary cereals
  • Include a healthy fat such as avocado, olive oil, or seeds, nuts or nut butters at most meals
  • Choose lean proteins such as chicken, fish, or beans
  • Grill, steam or bake foods instead of frying
  • Include fruits and/or vegetables at every meal


  • When shopping, park farther away from the store
  • Have a dance party with your children
  • Choose video games that get your kids off the couch and moving
  • Take the stairs
  • Take walks after dinner
  • Create an obstacle course inside on a rainy day and race with your kids