We often hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but is it really? 

Here’s the truth about breakfast.

  • Studies show that people who eat breakfast have a tendency to weigh less and eat a healthier diet throughout the day compared with those who skip breakfast.
  • Breakfast eaters tend to have a higher daily intake of key nutrients, fiber, vitamins, and minerals than those who skip breakfast.
  • Breakfast skippers tend to have a significantly higher intake of added sugars, even if their total consumption of calories is lower for the day. This suggests that skipping breakfast sets you up for a less healthy eating pattern later in the day.

A nutritious breakfast does indeed seem to be the most important meal of the day!

Are you or your child in a breakfast rut? Here are some ideas that are nutritious, delicious and will give you a boost of energy to start your day:

· Combine Nutrients—Every good breakfast should have some protein, fiber, carbohydrate and fat.  These nutrients work in combination to give you lasting energy and help you feel  full.

· Think Outside the Box—Look to other cultures for new ideas, or use your imagination:  add salsa to scrambled eggs, eat baked beans or peanut butter on whole wheat toast, or make a smoothie with yogurt, fruit and veggies.

· Include Three Food Groups—Choosing breakfast components from at least 3 of the 5 food groups (Grains, Dairy, Fruits, Vegetables, Protein) helps ensure you get the all nutrients you need every day. 


What’s For Breakfast?

Combine one item from each column to create a unique, wholesome, balanced and filling breakfast.

Proteins Carbohydrates Fruits and Veggies
Peanut Butter
Almond Butter
Leftover Chicken
Baked Beans

Whole Grain Toast
Whole Wheat Tortilla
Dry Cereal:
-Shredded Wheat
Whole Grain Bagel
Whole Grain Waffle
Whole Grain Pancake
English Muffin
Hash Browns
Roasted Potatoes

100% Fruit Juice
Bell Peppers
Chili Peppers
Sweet Potato

Possible Combinations:

Peanut Butter and Jelly on Whole Grain Toast with Fruit
Yogurt Topped with Fruit and Granola
Scramble Egg Sandwich on Whole Wheat Bagel with Tomato and Spinach
Hash Browns and Scrambled Eggs in a Whole Wheat Tortilla, Topped with Salsa

Happy Eating!