There are many challenges that have come with the COVID-19 pandemic. Grocery shopping is one of them. When you go to the store or order your food online, many of the items you need or want are not on the shelves. This can lead to feeling frustrated and stressed when you are unable to get the items that you need for certain recipes.

The Dr. Yum project is a free online source. Whether you’re looking for new recipes to feed your family during this time or can’t find an item you needed for a recipe you were going to make, Dr. Yum Project can help you to use what you have on hand.

Dr. Yum Project has this amazing tool called the Meal-o-Matic. You start off by picking the type of dish you want to create then you will be prompted to select food items that you have on hand to generate a personalized recipe. If you do not have any items in a particular food group, you can leave it blank, and it will still generate a recipe for you with what you have selected. This is a fun way to get your child(ren) involved in meals by allowing them to select some food items that they would like to include.

Another incredibly useful tool is Dr. Yum’s Favorite Foods. This tool will allow you or your child(ren) to choose their favorite food items. After you have done so, it will list facts about the food item you chose. It will also list healthy and delicious recipes that include that favorite food item. Your child(ren) will be so excited to learn about their favorite food and even more excited to eat new recipes that include it. There are additional resources on this website which include instructional YouTube videos if you need help getting the technique down on cutting particular fruits and veggies and even a menu planner which will generate a shopping list out of the recipes you decide to include.

To go to get started on crafting new, fun recipes for your family to enjoy.