At Head Start, we believe that life-long health begins in early childhood and that good nutrition is a major part of your child(ren)’s physical and mental health.  That’s why we do many of the things we do at Head Start, like:

· Provide balanced, nutritious meals and/or snacks at school. We are also sending meals/snacks home this year to ensure our children are receiving the minimum 2/3 of daily dietary nutrition.

· Introduce foods that your child(ren) may never have seen before to broaden their taste buds and acceptance of a variety of foods.

· Send monthly newsletters that include menus for the month, and tips and tricks for including healthy habits in your child’s, and your own life.

· Post on a Nutrition Blog called The Healthy Head Start-ivore, which you can find at

If you would like to talk about anything food-related, I would be happy to talk with you.  My name is Shannon Rainey. I’m the Nutrition Coordinator for Head Start.  You can reach me at: or 865-522-2193.

I know this year has gone very differently than we all expected it would go at the beginning of 2020. It has came with a lot of unforeseen circumstances and challenges. Nevertheless, the new school year has just begun, and we are all going to have such a fun year at Head Start! 

A few tips to encourage a healthy relationship with food:

· Encourage your child(ren) to try new foods at home

· Let your child(ren) help in the kitchen

· Ask your child(ren) about what they ate at school that day

· Don’t put pressure on your child(ren) to finish a new food or any food items