Health Services

Here at Head Start, we believe that quality healthcare is vital for growth and development in young children.

  • We provide health screenings for all children in our program, including:
    • Growth Assessments
    • Hearing
    • Vision
    • Blood pressure (for those 3 years and older)
    • Lead testing (with parent consent for those there is no record received)
  • Dental exams are provided for preschoolers by Knox County Health Department Dental Clinic.
  •  We offer families assistance with finding a healthcare provider, especially if issues are identified during health screenings or dental exams.
  • For children in Early Head Start: parents are encouraged to schedule dental exam appointments with providers in the area. If necessary, our staff assist parents with locating a dentist.
  • The program gives reminders when well child checks and/or immunizations are due.
  • We assist with:
    • Finding a medical home (primary care provider) and a dental home for the families we serve
    • TennCare applications and follow ups

Our Registered Nurse on staff:

  • Performs all health screenings listed above
  • Trains staff on medication administration
  • Trains staff on medical issues for each child
  • Assists staff in dealing with health issues/sick children and injuries
  • Oversees lead program
  • Collaborates with other healthcare professionals when examining health concerns (for example, nutrition, disabilities/mental health, and social issues).